TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
AKAI LCT2662 (LCD) Dead (was intermittent before it went dead)
SONY KV30HS420 No horizontal sync.
Samsung TXR2735X Pix has too much width, and shuts self off randomly, can be turned right back on again.
Panasonic PT47WX49E DP820 sounds like it tries to start up several times until it quits, dead, no power
Samsung HCL4715W loss of convergence
Philips Magnavox NAP 27b5 no video , no on screen menu
Philips Magnavox NAP 27p1 dead, fuses ok
Philips Magnavox NAP 13x6 19P608 25E501 19X613 19Y403 19X618 loss of horz. sync.
Philips Magnavox NAP 9P6031 9P6034 9P6040 9P5511 9P5034 9P5531 PTV805 PTV835 PTV836 PTV843 intermittent shrinking on all sides