TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
Magnavox 20MT1331 virtical short on top
Magnavox 6P5435w101 Repeated failure of horizontal sweep output transistor
Philips Magnavox 50MF231D37, 42PF9630 Loses bottom half of picture after warm-up, 20-30 minutes.
Magnavox 17PF9336/37 Intermittent video & sound
Magnavox 20MS2331/17 Dead !
Magnavox 42MF438B/27 Channels won't stay programmed
Magnavox 27ts54c101 Vertical problem or might even not power up, only clicks
Magnavox 15PF5120 No picture with audio after lightning
MAGNAVOX(FUNAI) CCU091AT01 (TV/VCR combo) Stuck tape, shuts off.
MAGNAVOX(FUNAI) MWC20T6 (TV/DVD/VCR combo) Attempts to load empty cassette tray and shuts off within 5 to 10 seconds.
Magnavox 20MS3442/17 1/2 vertical retrace lines top
Magnavox t982 Has sound, No picture
Magnavox 19PRC1 No tuner action, just snow. Would sometimes hear sound on Ch 3. No 33 Volt on tuner.
Philips Magnavox NAP 51PW936317F loss of convergence
magnavox mwc24t5a dead set
Magnavox 20mt1331/17 dead
MAGNAVOX RS2744 A402 Vertical and Horizontal distortions when attempting to shut down (will stay on sometimes).
Magnavox MWC24T5 Dead No Blown Fuse
PHILIPS - MAGNAVOX TR2503C225 horizontal lines across creen even when G2 on flyback is turned down. in addition the TV shuts down after 3seconds when G2 is turned up.
PHILIPS/MAGNAVOX 27PT9015D/37 TV shuts down unexpectedly
Magnavox 23mt2336 Press power and only relay clicks.
magnavox/nap tr2516 Won't turn off when warm.
MAGNAVOX(FUNAI) CT202MW8 (TV/DVD/VCR combo) Attempts to load empty tray and shuts off, intermittent.
magnavox 37mf321d/37 int. starte then dead
Magnavox MWC20T6 Unit will not power on ... Stone Dead
MAGNAVOX 32MF231D/37 Dead set with indicator light.
Magnavox 37MF321D/37 Completely dead.
MAGNAVOX 25TS52C303 Dead set.
MAGNAVOX 25TS52C101 Snowy picture with tuner, possibly intermittent.