TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
Magnavox 32MT330517 Dead Set
philips (magnavox) 25M800 shuts down after 20 seconds or 5 minutes
Magnavox 20MT1331 No sound with low buzz
MAGNAVOX 27MS3404/17 Dead set. clicks only.
MAGNAVOX 20MS3442/17 Can't shut off with front panel power button.
MAGNAVOX EM6019C121 No vertical hold.
MAGNAVOX EM6019C121 Dead
Magnavox 20MT1331 dead, no power
Magnavox 26MF231D/37 Dead/ then video would flash when signal applied
magnavox 20MC4304 horizontal line
Philips Magnavox 27MS3404/17 TV shutdown
Magnavox 37MF321D/37 No power, green LED blinks
philips (magnavox) PL7125 cannot get all the channels and cant get into the menu.This is a motel-hotel television
MAGNAVOX RS1970C222 Dead set, prior very slow turn off
MAGNAVOX(PHILIPS) TS2554C122 Vertical colllapsed to band at bottom, has sound.
magnavox 55 PTV735AH01 Picture shrink in and out when changing chanel
Philips Magnavox 9P6034C have sound no picture
Philips/Magnavox 32MF337B/27 No remote control operation.
MAGNAVOX 19MD357B/37 No picture back light on would not turn off with power button faint horizontal lines in picture
MAGNAVOX 51MP392H/17 When power button pressed set doesn't come on, but supply chirp chirp....... must unplug to stop
Philips Magnavox 27PT5445/37 top half of picture is black bottom half is ok.
Magnavox, NAP, Phillips All PTV8 series green light comes on, nothing else
Magnavox TS2760C101 No picture and no menu but has audio.Slick raster/no video.
Magnavox 37MF231D/37 Reluctant on to no-on
Magnavox 15PF5120 Dead, storm damage
Magnavox PTV910 Int. shutdown
magnavox 27MC4304 Dead
Magnavox CT270MW8 Dead, dead
Philips Magnavox 27MS3404/17 TV won't stay on. Horiz sweep shuts down, but SMPS keeps "running"