TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
Magnavox 37MF321D/37 Screen flashes on and off very dim
Magnavox 25B700 Dead
Magnavox TP2770 Dead. LED turns green. 130 volt line at 60 volts.
MAGNAVOX(PHILIPS) 37MF331D/37 Dead set. Prior intermittent no start-up.
Magnavox MSD724G Dead
MAGNAVOX 26MF231D/37 Screen goes black after ~15min. Can be re-started after ~5min. Backlight stays on.
MAGNAVOX 20MT1331/17 Excessive vertical amplitude. SDAM would not memorize VAM setting.
MAGNAVOX 20MT1331/17 No vertical deflection, or partial deflection with foldover.
magnavox 14MS2331/17 no sound
Magnavox 27MS343S Shuts down and turns on by itself
magnavox 20MS233S tv comes on with no vertical deflection and shuts down after 2 seconds
MAGNAVOX 42MF231D/17 Bottom Half picture goes black Touching A5 boards made problem come and go
philips magnavox 19MD357B/37 no video
Magnavox 32MF231D Dead
Magnavox 32MF337B/27 Dead. No power.
MAGNAVOX(PHILIPS) 20MT4405/17 Low and distorted sound, volume not adjustable, click noise at start-up.
MAGNAVOX MWC24T5A picture is bright white &washed out with hardly no video. Sound Ok.
Magnavox 27MT5005D/37 Insufficient vertical height. Shuts down after about 6 seconds.
magnavox 42MF230A black vertical bar half way up the lower screen
Magnavox 32MF605W/17 Attempts to start up but shuts off.
Magnavox 20MS3442/17 No vertical deflection on top half of picture.
Magnavox 37MF231D/37 Hard to start. Eventually dead.
Magnavox PR1920 After warm up lines at bottom of screen.
Magnavox 37MF331D/37 Won't turn on. Was intermitant
Magnavox MSD724G TV/DVD/VCR low squealing noise, dead, B+ was only 30v
Magnavox 20MT1331 Dead Set
Magnavox 50MF60ST/17 Dead
Magnavox 19MD357B/37 Picture comes on momentarily with squealing audio then shuts off.