TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
Magnavox 37MF331D37 No power. Green power LED would flash about once a second.
Magnavox 32MF605W/17 Sound, no picture. Quick flash of lamps at start up.
Magnavox 50ML8205D Intermittingly Shutting Off
MAGNAVOX RX4476AK04 Intermittent no start up or shut off.
Philips-Magnavox 9P5034C102 When cold picture shrunk on all 4 sides. In about 10 min. it stretches out and is full, almost.
Philips-Magnavox 8P6054C102 PTV-810AH01 Won't start, green led comes on momentarily than fades out. Slight burst of H.V., speakers low pop.
Philips Magnavox PTV835 Screen goes bright until HV shutdown
magnavox 42MF231D/37 no color after set plays for a while
MAGNAVOX 32MF338B/27 Dead: power led blinks green twice when you push power.
MAGNAVOX(FUNAI) MWC24T5 DVD player tray stuck out.
Magnavox LCD 15MF605T/17 No back-lite. Has sound and control.
magnavox 32MF337B/27 Tv come on ok--then gets vertical lines--then goes out with a loud noise. Tv then comes on and does the same thing again and again.
magnavox (philips) 37MF231D/37 dead (or takes a long time to come on) (or intermittent dead)
Magnavox/Philips 20MT1331/17 Dead
magnavox 15PF5120/28 dead
magnavox 20PF5120/28 dead
Magnavox 27MT3305 Top half of picture is missing
MAGNAVOX RP2783 no vertical deflection
MAGNAVOX MCR047 Cassette deck not functional
Magnavox M3250C121 Shuts Down
Goldstar ; Daewoo ; Funai ; Emerson ; Sylvania ; Shintom ; Magnavox ; more GVRF235 ; GVRF435 ; GVRF445 ; GVRF455 ; more Shuts down play, rewind or FF. Ejects tape when you press play. Ejects tape immediately after you load it (with auto play).
magnavox 19MF337B/27 picture comes and goes or no picture
Magnavox 37MF231D/37 Won't power on. Green power LED may blink.
MAGNAVOX(FUNAI) CCU131AT01(TV/VCR combo) Stuck tape, shuts off.
MAGNAVOX(FUNAI) CCT192AT01 Immediate shut off.
MAGNAVOX TR2512C121 Dead set.
Magnavox 20MS3442/17 Dead
MAGNAVOX 32MF231D/37 shuts down
MAGNAVOX(FUNAI) 19MDTR20/17(TV/DVD/VCR combo) Shuts off after 3 sec, stuck tape.