TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
emerson LC195EM9 dead
Emerson LC320EM82S Screen lights up for 5 seconds & shutsdown & repeats on & off
emerson LC320EM82S shutdown
Emerson SLC195EM8 Dead
Emerson EWL20S5 At turn on relay clicks and imediately shutdown
Emerson MC1010 Tuner worked fine but the digital tuning display was stuck on "177.1".
Emerson CD150A Won't play CD. Skips. Disc doesn't spin freely.
Emerson CD150A Tray won't close when a disc is inserted.
Emerson VCR3002A Noise coming from power supply. May have no or intermittent display. won't play.
emerson EWC27T3 (27" tv-vcr-dvd) dead
EMERSON LD200EM8(TV/DVD combo) Dead set, faint buzz from SMPS.
Emerson VCR920 Loading motor didn't have enough torque.
Emerson CD150A Sluggish tray open/close and skipped at higher (or all) numbered tracks.
Emerson MS7777 Not reading discs.
Emerson VCR755 Fully loads tape but struggles to pull tape through.
Emerson AS2680 Dead or powers down immediately.
Emerson PD6726 CD won't spin. No attempt to focus.
Emerson AS2685 CD tray won't open. Motor constantly turning, trying to close the tray.
Emerson VCR765N Won't accept tapes.
Emerson VCP664 No audio or very distorted audio.
Emerson VCR964N Won't play. Won't eject until you turn power off then on again.
Emerson LC320EM8A Protection red LED
Emerson LD200EM6 Turns on shuts down
EMERSON LC320EM8 turn on, screen lites up for 1 second.
emerson EWL3706 dead
emerson LC320EM8A dead no relay click but would pull power at plug in
Emerson LC320EM9 3 When switched on, green LED blinks 2-3 times then only red LED remains lighted. Never powers up.
emerson LC320EM82 backlight lights up for a second then set goes into shutdown
Emerson LD200EM8 Dead. Power supply squeals.