TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
Vizio VX37L Stuck in VGA mode (wont stay on).
VIZIO VP322 Audio drops out after warm-up
vizio VU32HDTV10A dead fuse blown
Vizio VA370M Vizio logo appears on screen and gets stuck. Does not respond to any buttons or remote.
Vizio E321VL Vizio logo appears on screen and gets stuck. Does not respond to any buttons or remote.
Vizio VO320E Dead set. No yellow or white Vizio symbol
VIZIO VP50HDTV10A flicker screen, ticking noise from y sustain
Vizio XVT472SV Intermittent horizontal lines in picture. Lines are over OSD also. They are either very defined or thick bars.
Vizio VW32L Set comes on with OSD saying no signal. changing inputs will not give video, backlite starts to flash and can not turn off TV unless you unplug it.
Vizio VX42LHDTV10A Power light comes on and TV has backlight. NO video or on-screen menu
VIZIO VX42LHD Flashing or strobing picture
Vizio VO37LFHDTV10A no back-lite.
Vizio VM60PHDTV10A Dead. No 5v Stand By. No relays clicking.
vizio P50HDTV10A completely dead
VIZIO VO37LFHDTV10A No picture, has sound. At cold start sometimes screen would briefly come on in full, then the half left side would go dark, then totally blank. Burning smell could be sensed.
Vizio E370VL Shutsdown after Logo appears on screen.
Vizio E320VL Shutsdown immediately after logo appears.
Vizio VO370M No start condition
Vizio VM60PHDTV10A Dead. Could hear relays click on and off.
Vizio VO320E No picture or backlight, but has sound etc.
Vizio E470LV No HDMI inputs.
VIZIO VA26HDTV10T No picture Sound OK (no backlight)
Vizio VW26LHDT320F has sound/no video
Vizio GV42LFHDTC10A Backlight Flickering
Vizio VP322HDTV10A No video
Vizio P42HD Comes on and plays OK for 10 min. than goes wacked. Several symptoms occur: picture flashes, goes negative and distorted, and has int. diffusion error spots in different areas of the screen.
Vizio VX32LHDTV10A Long time to come on, then video distorted.
VIZIO VW42LHDTV10A No picture, no sound, faint uniform white screen, can't turn off.
VIZIO GV42LHDTV Doesn't come on.