TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
SONY STRD615 Not functional, no main display, no audio output.
Sony KF60XBR800 double image - at first looked like convergence
SONY STRV444ES Displays "PROTECTOR", not functional.
SONY KV32XBR48 Dead set.
Sony KV32FS320 Shutdown, 9 blinks
Sony KF60WE610 Shutdown 6 (six) blinks
sony KV32XBR100 Wavy red, green, and blue lines on black screen when first turned on, then horizontal blue line on center of screen after a few seconds. Sometimes raster was visible.
Sony KDF55WF655 DEAD
Sony SLVD350P Dead /Fuse OK
Sony KP53S65 NO Start-up
SONY KV32HS420 Shutdown. 6 blinks.
SONY KV36XBR400 Immediate shut down - 4 and 7 blinks
Sony KV32HS500 Turns on HV comes up then 2 blinks and 7 blinks when restarted.
Sony KV32S20 Faint raster with no Video and retrace lines.
Sony KV2093R Dead
sony kp43t90 red convergence
Sony KV20FS100 Dead. Relay clicks on then off. LED blinks 4 times.
Sony KP46WT510 Immediate shutdown, six blinks
Sony KV27V66 Shutdown Blink 4 times
Sony KP57WV700 Screen turns bright blue with retrace lines.
Sony KV32FS13 Completely dead.
Sony KDFDE60A20 Noise in spks Like fan running.also moterboating at turnoff.
sony KV32S42 No picture.Led flashes all time
SONY KV27TS36 Dead set.
SONY KV32TS20 Intermittently shuts off or no start-up.
Sony KV32XBR400 DX1A Will only power on while cold. After it has been on for a while, if you power it off, it will not come back on. It will shutdown, no blinks.
SONY KDF42E2000 tv would work for 10 mins. an shutdown. lamp fan motor was slowing down in speed