TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
Sony KDL40V4100 shut-down 13 blinks
SONY ZSD50 Cassette holder won't stay closed.
SONY KDL40V3000 Screen will light up for second than shut down
SONY KP53XBR45 No picture, has sound. Previously picture would expand after 20 min.
sony kvfs100 shutsdown
SONY STRDE845 Distorted sound on left channel. Prior repair attempt by customer.
SONY KV35S65 Dead set.
Sony KDL40S2010 Set comes on OK, in 5 secs shuts down and 4 blinks (which usually means inverter).
SONY KV32HS510 Dead set. Prior trouble to come on.
SONY KDF55WF655 Set will not power up led blinks 6 times.
SONY KV32V36 No picture after 15 min, sound OK.
Sony SLHF450 (Beta VCR) Dead, No readout
SONY KF60WE610 Doesn't come on. Power/standby indicator flashes, then lamp indicator flashes.
SONY KV32S40 Intermittent blank screen.
SONY KV27TS20 Sleep light just blinks otherwise dead
Sony KV32HS500 Int shutdown, more when cold, 6 or 7 blink code.
Sony KDL40S2010 Picture all distorted... swirls, sparkes, colors negative.
Sony KV27FS13 dead no relay click or power light no blink fuse good
Sony KDL32M3000 Int. slow to refresh (OK when cold).
SONY STRSE391 No audio output from rear speakers terminals or subwoofer jack.
SONY KDL46XBR4 Picture dark from the center to the trailing edge
SONY KLVS40A10 Dead - Power led blinks 2 times.
SONY KV32S22 Dead set.
SONY KV8AD10 Doesn't come on with AC power, OK with DC power.
SONY KDL40S4100 Left side of Pix noisy & dark.
Sony KV20FS120 No audio output
SONY CDPC545 Can't open tray
Sony KDL40S2000 Shutsdown 4 blinks
SONY STRDE185 Doesn't come on, repeat click only.