TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
JVC LT32EM49 No start up, blue indicator flashing.
JVC RX6042S Shutdown after 10 minutes
JVC LT40X776 No pix has backlight
JVC CAHXD7 protec show
JVC XLF115TN Not functional, can't load disk, displays and controls seem OK.
JVC AV27CF35 DEAD ,Timer light is on
JVC AV27920 Horizontal line,has sound.
JVC LT32E479, LT32EM49, LT32P679, LT42EM59, LT42P789, LT42SL89, MANY MORE LED comes on then starts flashing. Set does not come on
JVC AV27920 Shuts down after start up.
JVC RX884VBK Not functional, display doesn't come on.
JVC HRS7000U Won't respond to any front panel controls but does work OK with remote.
JVC HRS7000U Does not respond to remote controller.
JVC TVC2026 On tape playback, the video was always very snowy. Sometimes goes to gray scale video with snow.
JVC HRS7000U Drum and capstan motor turn OK but reel motor goes into stop mode after a few minutes.
JVC TDW801 One deck eats tapes because the tape-up reel (in either direction) would stop at random times.
JVC CAME5BK CD platter sometimes needs a push for it to start closing. Does not clamp disc to play.
JVC HRS5800U ; HRS6600U Damages tapes.
JVC HRD840U Shuts down to stop mode after loading tape.
JVC LT32EM20 DEAD - main fuse open
JVC plasma VM42WV74 Relays click on (Samsung boards) than shuts down and led flashes cont. No sus-board voltages; 15V and 5V OK.
JVC AV27D302 Black band and foldover on top.
JVC THC60 Dead. No Power
JVC AV36320 Dead-Short in Horizontal output circuit.
JVC LT42X688 Scrambled video.
JVC AV32230 Intermittent bad video from tuner. OK with other sources. Very sensitive to tapping or board flexing. RF connector slightly loose.
JVC AV32D502 when plugged into AC, relay would click and front led lite would blink continuously, and when power button is pressed, nothing works
JVC AV27D104 AV27D304 AV27430 AV27432 Timer light lit, relay clicks, dead
JVC DRMV1SU(DVD/VCR combo) Not functional, no main display, no audio output.
JVC AV27920 tv shuts down after about 15 seconds and stays on longer at other times