TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
RCA 20V500T / M123A Dead.
RCA 32V434T ATC010A unit has ATSC audio but no video. NTSC audio / video ok.
Emerson LCD EWL20S5C (LCD Set) Shuts down 3 seconds after power is applied
JVC AV-36980 (and many similar) Dead set after power failure (switch mode power supply not starting)
Tatung/Decca 170 Dead, may occasionally start up, motorboating sound in power supply
Toshiba 2151TB Field collapse
Goldstar CIT 2175 Blank white raster, when brightness turned up, also no sound
Goldstar CIS 4361 No sound, picture ok
Sony KP57WS520 Dead. LED flashes 9 times repeatedly
Panasonic CT27G14A Chassis# AP330 No power/no standby
PHILIPS TS2744C106 Chassis# 27B700-7562 Smoking near flyback.
PHILIPS TS2779C221 Chassis# 27K800 7591 Bright raster w/retrace lines. Screen control on flyback wouldn't get rid of retrace lines.
PHILIPS TS2744C103 Dead and/or smoking near flyback.
Philips TS2544 C122 Chassis# 25B800 7562 Had only very little vertical sweep, which was way below center.
Sanyo DS25320 (chassis 25320-01) Distorted audio. Sounds like bad speaker.
Sanyo DS19390/ Chassis 19390-06 Loud relay chatter
Sharp 13SB50 Audio very distorted.
Sharp 27L-S180B Dead, relay clicks on then back off. No H.V.
JVC AV-20CM3 Relay clicks, no H.V. (unit essentially dead)
Sanyo DS25390 /Chassis 25390-05 "Volume down" button activated "Channel up".
Sanyo DS25030 /25030-00 Dead, no relay action. Fuses OK.
Samsung HLR6168W line down right or left side of pix
AKAI LCT2662 (LCD) Dead (was intermittent before it went dead)
SONY KV30HS420 No horizontal sync.
Samsung TXR2735X Pix has too much width, and shuts self off randomly, can be turned right back on again.
Panasonic PT47WX49E DP820 sounds like it tries to start up several times until it quits, dead, no power
Samsung HCL4715W loss of convergence
Philips Magnavox NAP 27b5 no video , no on screen menu
Philips Magnavox NAP 27p1 dead, fuses ok
Philips Magnavox NAP 13x6 19P608 25E501 19X613 19Y403 19X618 loss of horz. sync.