TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
sharp 27es100 intermittant start up
SHARP LC52D92U Lower half picture has a mosaic effect around the face but the color is green
Sharp 25LM100B Dead Set
sharp LC32D41U intermittent panel shut down when cold at power on, panel would light up and show video for about 2 seconds then shut off , but audio would stay on
sharp 32KS400 shuts off at 70 volts ac.
sharp 27GS60 dead
sharp models 19hm60 and 25hm60 everything works ok except on-screen menu
Sharp LC-20S7U Shuts down after approx. 1 minute with flashing red power LED.
Sharp 25E-M100 Horizontal line across screen
Sharp LC26SH20U video intermittent. may blink on and off
Sharp 32F630 PIX would intermittently shrink in from the sides, now dead
ADMIRAL(SHARP) JSJ12303-G Intermittent VHF-L channels.
Sharp 25VTG60 (TVCR) No power.
Sharp 13EM40 Screen goes black (sound ok) when you change the channel or volume
SHARP 32SF560 Dead, Will Not Power Up, Stby Light Keeps Fluctuating.
sharp lc37d6u no audio or intermittent audio
SHARP 27SC26B No or Intermittnet red color.
Sharp 27fs50 No tuning.
SHARP LC15AV1U Set comes on and shutsdown after 15 seconds
Sharp 19NM100 Picture pulsates and does not have full vertical deflection.
Sharp 13EM50 Intermittent or no tuning. May come and go if you slap the set or flex PCB.
Sharp 13FM50 Dead. Blows fuses.
Sharp 19RP519 Retrace lines on upper half of screen.
Sharp 19NM100 Dead; no power.
Sharp 19KR15 Picture was very red.
Sharp 20LV76 When you press "power" the LED channel indicator goes on and off but the set doesn't switch off.
Sharp 25VTH80 Arcing sound
Sharp C1335A No H.V. or audio
Sharp 27RV79 Won't power up