TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
SONY HCDH881D Can't play CD.
SONY EVA60(8mm VCR) Eats tape when playing back, reverse search or REW with noise. FF is OK.
SONY KVXF29N93 has standby power but has no raster, two blinks
Sony KV27V22 Picture Shrinks and gets Lines
Sony KP51WS510 Loss of convergence
SONY KV27FS100 Erratic menu buttons- set continually acts like button is held
SONY HCDBX6AV Dim LED displaly; low audio; popping noise from speakers
SONY DVPNS325 Power up problem, playback problem after ≈40min
sony kd 36f130 dead no timer light
SONY KV36FV310 Dead: 2 blinks
SONY KV32FS120 Dead set, indicator light flashes 9 times.
Sony KV32S12 Dead, Lightning Damaged
Sony KV32XBR450 Picture Shrinks
sony KDL46S5100 no picture no sound no error code indicated
SONY KP53V35 Immediate shut off.
SONY KV27S22 Picture shrinks, intermittent, gets sound.
SONY KV32XBR96S Dead set.
Sony KDP51WS655 flashes code 9
SONY KV27S40 Dead set.
SONY KV27S26 Picture shrinks after a couple of minutes.
Sony KP57HW40 Dead (6 Blinks)
SONY STRSE581 Static interference out of audio ouputs
SONY KV20FV300 Dead set. Indicator flashes 2, 3 and 4 times, short pause then repeatedly 4 times.
SONY STRDE445 No audio output after 5 to 20 min, or no audio at start-up. Display and controls OK.
SONY KDL60XS955 6 blinks
SONY KV35S45 No video: Good Audio.
SONY KE42M1 just clicks
SONY KV1483RWP Dead, no oscillation with normal B+
sony PDM4200 horiz stripes on the picture