TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
SONY DVPNC85H (DVD Changer) Not functional, tray stuck open, stuck DVD in optical pick-up.
SONY KDL46XBR4 Dark shading on right side of screen after an hour or so pix becomes normal
SONY STRDE335 Not functional, shows "PROTECT" on display after a few seconds.
SONY KV27XBR36 Doesn't come on.
SONY KV32S45 Dead set.
sony KD36FS130 blinks 4 times, or relay clicks on, when power button is pushed, buy still dead.
SONY KV27FS100 Top of picture shrunk/distorted.
SONY KV35XBR48 Dead set.
Sony KP51WS520 Turns on with audio, then shuts down
Sony KDL40V3000 shuts down 13 blinks backlight flash
Sony KDsrXBR1 vertical shift after light engine replaced
Sony KDFE42A10 No Light 5 Blinks
Sony KV27S65 Low Audio
SONY SLV373UC Can't play, can't record, jams tape, can't eject.
SONY STRD565 Doesn't come on, displays "PROTECT", speakers relay doesn't click.
sony KD32FS170 no video
SONY DVPNC875V Doesn't recognize DVD, OK with CD, intermittent.
Sony KDL40S20L1 Sound, no picture, no OSD. Lamps light up.
Sony KP53N77 Red light flashes, no high voltage
sony kp53v45 tv was dead power light would blink all the time
sony HCDC990 No start
SONY STRD615 Dead set.
SONY KLV32U100M Dead set or comes on with intermittent screen.
SONY GVD200 Jams tape, stuck tape.
SONY EVS7000 Fluorescent display of control switch block not functional.
SONY KDL52V4100 Right side of panel has 1 black,2 green &1 red line vertical from top to bottom
SONY KP46WT510 Bad convergence.
Sony STRSE501 STRDE445 STRDE545 Dead, no relay click at power on