TV Repair Tips

Make Model Problem
Sony KDL40EX400 Tries to come on 3 times showing sony logo with good backlight. shutsdown with 6 red blinks
SONY XBR52HX909 4 blinks No power No video
Sony NSX40GT1 Shutdown no power 2 blinks
SONY HCDDV2D Intermittent display.
sony kv27s46 4 blinks
SONY KDL40V2500 At power up relay clicks, power indicator stays steady green, on the screen the time OSD flickers for a few seconds at low brightness level.
Sony KDL46V3000 Shutdown - 5 blinks
Sony KDL40V2500 shutsdown and 4 blinks
Sony KDL52S5100 Picture comes up with logo for a second then shutdown. 6 blinks
Sony KV27S66 shutdown, 4 blink
sony klv32m1 1 blink wont turn on
SONY KDL52W4100 Dead set, no indicator light.
Sony Bravia KDL40V2500 No Video - No On-screen
Sony KV34XBR910 Shuts down, no blink code...
Sony KDL32BX310 DEAD no standby light
Sony KDL40EX500 Sony logo comes on screen then set shutsdown with 2 blinks
sony KV13TR24 dead
sony STRAV490 intermitting protector mode
Sony KDL52NX800,KDL46NX700, KDL46EX701,KDL55EX710, KDL55EX720 No power. No standby.
SONY KF50XBR800 Comes on with picture/screen for 30 seconds, goes off for another 30 seconds, and the cycle repeats unattended. The standby indicator flashes when set coming up. The lamp indicator never flashes.
SONY KP53XBR200 No convergence. Autofocus goes through the sequence but has no effect.
SONY STRD350Z Doesn't come on, shows "PROTECT".
Sony KDL55HX729 2 blinks soon as set plugged in
SONY STRDA80ES Not functional, displays "PROTECT".
Sony KDL55EX710 Shutdown - no power - 2 blinks
Sony KDL46XBR6 Dead. 14 Blinks.
SONY KF50WE620 No picture, has sound for one second then shuts down. 4 blinks.
Sony KDL40V2500 Picture comes up for a second then shuts down. 4 blinks.